Naturally, Apple isn’t giving this spot away for free. Google has already coughed up a pretty penny to deliver the results iOS users seek when they consult the web via the Safari browser or through Siri.
However, Google might have to dramatically boost the fee it paid over the $1 billion in 2014 and the $3 billion it forked out last year last year.
A new Business Insider report (via Neowin) says Apple is reportedly seeking a whopping $9 billion from Google if it wants to remain the default search engine on iOS smartphones and tablets. Word comes from Goldman Sachs analyst Rod Hull also says that figure may also increase to $12 billion in 2019.
Of course, that estimate from the analyst is by no means an official figure. However, if it is to be believed,  perhaps Apple has some leverage here. Perhaps Microsoft has re-entered the fray with a telling offer to make Bing the default search provider? However, it’s also possible the switch to Google for Siri last year is also responsible for reported increased asking price.
Should a situation arise in which Google loses its spot as the default search provider on iOS, it’s probable much of the iOS community would head to the settings on their iPhone and iPad and simply restore Google.

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It’s those less savvy iPhone users, who perhaps wouldn’t think to do so, that could convince Google to pay such a significant increase
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