The worst thing about a laptop is battery life, in which over the years of constant use and charging it, it will begin to lose its charge and will no longer last as long as it did right out of the box. Battery replacement can be expensive especially if you take it into the shop, but if you don’t mind a little DIY, iFixit has you covered.
The company has recently released a MacBook Pro Retina display battery repair kit. Basically this is a DIY repair kit which allows you to remove the battery in your MacBook Pro and replace it with a brand new one, which in total should cost you less than having to send it into the shop. However the only caveat is that it is entirely DIY so if you screw up, the onus is pretty much on you and you could end up spending more money to get it fixed.
iFixit has been showing users how to replace the battery in the MacBook Pro for a while now, but with this repair kit, the company has bundled all the tools necessary to remove the screws and glue to make the process easier, versus users having to hunt down the tools themselves. It even packs an actual OEM battery from a compatible MacBook Pro, so that’s a plus.
If you’re interested in getting your hands on these repair kits, then head on over to iFixit’s website and select the kit that is suitable for your MacBook Pro model.

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