The idea of releasing grand theft auto v as a learning tool for driving may sound ludicrious. Though researchers and engineers are trying to make driverless vehicles a reality and have also found out the game's realistic virtual world actually serves as a useful platform.

As Bloomberg reports, scientist from Germany's Darmstadt University of technology and Intel lab developed a system that allows reseachers to pull visual information from GTA V last year. Ever since then researchers have been working on algorithm in modified copies of GTA V for use in the self driving field.

Alain Kornhauser, a Princeton University professor who advises the Princeton Autonomous Vehicle Engineering team says that with its 262 unique cars, trucks and bikes, hundreds of pedestrians, variable weather conditions and more, GTAV “is the richest virtual environment that we could extract data from.”

A virtual simulation in Grand Theft Auto could never altogether replace a test in a real world. What it can do is give researchers the ability to test highly specific (and unlikely) scenarios without having to recreate them on an interstate in California. Instead, they can plug in the data, run the test and see how the vehicle responds in-game to at least get an idea of how it would look in reality.

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