Facebook messenger is soon adding a third party extension and a new discovery tab to make it users' primary messaging app.The messenger is taking another dimension to enable it easier to find and use.
The changes incorporated into the messenger today includes:

CHAT EXTENSION: Developers can now insert themselves into Messenger chat. Think of the imessage app design but, but a nicer one. They also look forward to incorporating an avenue where songs can be shared an other multimedia.
Suggestions from M: Messengers says the its experience in wanting to build M, led to the creation of the new automated suggestion you find in your chats. For instance if you considering where to have dinner? M will offer to order it for you, through new partners delivery.com.

QR CODES: You can now use the messenger camera to scan special Messenger codes which will connect you to branded bots.
GAME: Messenger games now support turn-based play. Messenger is also sticking a games tab on the home screen to remind you of its existence.

APP STORE: The messenger screen has a new tab called discovery. When you tap it, you see featured bots, trending bots and a new search bar to look for new ones.The idea is if one can browse facebook bots, there is a likely hood of using them.
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