Technology is suppose to increase our level of productivity but the challenge is that we have been attacked by a blizzard of insignificant messages and might be affecting us adversely.
So here are three mobile applications that might be of help if properly used.

Social media plays an imperative role in our personal lives and businesses today, but may be one of the things preventing us from getting the job done. So if you want to better manage your social media account  then you should think of a tool like hootsuite. This is because this tool makes social media management swift and you can monitor multiple social media account.

If you want to be in control of especially with regards to how to use your mobile phones then this is the app to use. Clearlock is a productivity app which allows you to block all distracting apps in order to allow you concentrate and focus on what matters. All you need to do is to open clear lock and select the apps you wish to block as well as choose for how long you want them blocked and you are good to go.

Try Lastpass if you want better secured online because it allows you to generate and store your password in the cloud, fully encrypted. All that you need is to remember is your master password and the rest will be taken care of automatically. Security experts have recommended the use of good password manager which remains the number one security tip because of numerous online account.
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