Macbook remains one of apple most trusted device ever since February 2012.This has replaced the common ibook of apple inc which is approximately 12 inches in  size. Actually macbook series had low purchasing power when it was newly launched because of its rigidity in usage.though the

objective of creation was targeted at educational  and consumer centers.
Macbook has evolved other the years into four substantive categories of notebooks.The very first model was an assortment of fiberglass and polycarbornate which was modeled after the apple G4 series notebooks.


Macbook remains a spectacular design in the world of computers together with her operating system making the design outstanding in performance rating. Macbook pro and Macbook contains same designIt possess round edges rounder than macbook air.The design consist of video output port,finger print and a multi glass track-pad.It also contain battery of high durability with battery lasting up to sever hours


Despite being very stylish in nature, macbook had perculiar issues precisely the graphic card and hard drive which was a substantial cause of overheating in the notebooks. Some early versions of the device actually underwent random shutdowns as a result of the overheating nature of the graphic cards.Some of the versions of macbook had an issues of not been recognized by the macbook itself.At about February 2010 macbook announced a return of all macbook purchased between 2006 to 2007.


DISPLAY                 13.3 inch LED glossy wide screen glossy LCD


PROCESSOR         2.0 to 2.4 GHZ intel core 2 duo

RAM                       2gig, 4gig, and 8gig

GRAPHICS            Integrated Nvidia G-force 9400M with 250gig shared with main memory

STORAGE             SATA  HARDDRIVE  160gig, 250gig at 5400-rpm

CONNECTIVITY   Integrated airpot extreme 802.11 a/b/g-draft(BCM4322 chipset) Gigabyte

PERIPHERALS     2.0 x USB 2.0 but expandable to 8gig

VIDEO OUT           Mini display port

BATTERY              45 watt-hour

WEIGHT                4.5 lb

DIMENSION          0.97inch x 12.78inch X 8.94

OSX VERSION      OS 10.11


Macbook pro is already reaching is sell by date.At about October 2016 apple announced the deletion of macbook air to gather with macbook pro from its sale center.After stating that the device design was not as innovative as it appeared to be eight years ago.This was a replacement of the original power g4 series with upgrade of intel core 2 duo processors.Its casing was produced from a aluminium materials.As at 2006, macbook pro received significant upgrade in its processor to core 2 duo and likewise its hard drive capacity receiving and upgrade.


In respect to their individual weight, macbook air weighs 1.35kg while macbook pro weighs 1.37kg.The note book consist of aluminium body as used in original imac and macbook air.The screen is made up of high gloss covered with end to end reflective glass.
The trac pad is also larger than the initial models giving more room for scrolling and multi touching. The most observable changes are the thinner screen bezel and chassis with redefined screen hinges.
The power button was moved from the upper right corner of the chases to the keyboard replacing the position of the optical eject button.The model name position has been changed, no longer placed at the bottom of the screen bezel but found underneath the chassis.

DISPLAY                13.3 inch LED glossy wide screen glossy LCD


PROCESSOR         2.0 to 3.1 GHZ intel dual core and intel core i5 skylake

RAM                        8gig (not upgradable)

GRAPHICS             Intel hd graphics,AMD Radeon chipset

STORAGE              SATA  HARD DRIVE   250gig,500gig to 1 terrabyte (not upgradable)

WIFI                       Integrated airpot extreme 802.11 a/b/g-draft(BCM4322 chipset) Gigabyte                                ethernet

BLUETOOTH         Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology

USB                        Two thunderbolt (USB-C type)

VIDEO OUT            Mini display port

BATTERY               45 watt-hour

WEIGHT                 4.5 lb

HEIGHT                  0.59 inches

DEPTH                   8.36 inches

WIDTH                   11.97 inches

DIMENSION           0.97inch x 12.78inch X 8.94inch

OSX VERSION       OS 10.1

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