Iphone 8 is gradually becomming one of the most scintilating and debatable mobile phone in 2017 and new leaks about the mobile phone just keeps contributing to it.

It has been on news trend for a while that the price of the new phone will be on the highest dollar range.This by inference suggest that the newly added features can only be what is responsible for that.

Information reaching the public from Mac Otakara says that apple has reach a consensual decision to make Iphone 8 the only mobile device in 2017 to possess the feature of wireless charging.Apple also announces plans to provide seperate wireless chargers.This inductive charging was announced precisely by the chinese company “Luxshare”.

Apple security analyst Mr kevin Kuo is sceptical of iphone producing a curved display of the device but rumour has it that the side will be curved.Information from supply chain division beleives that 2017 production will include an incorporated curve display (OLED) at its edges.

Using a new display technology will warrant apple creating a new touch technology.Apple looks forward to produce three three touchscreen technology, an OLED display,two standard models that use traditional LCD panels and a premium model with an OLED display which will certainly be of screen dimention 4.7inches and 5.5 inches respectively.



Early rumours stated that apple looks forward to produce  a device with long range charging technology but somehow along the line there been a little drift in the primevial plan.Apple now gears towards inductive charging technique.This is further asserted by the company’s plans to use glass body there by allowing charges to flow through the magnetic foil.

Apple tends seeking for lite-on semiconductor with components for the charging technique.Bridge rectifiers will be used to mitigate thermal problems during the charging process to maintain efficiency.

So many people find the implementation so hard to believe it was presumed it would be built on the phone. To assuage suspicion and anxiety,it has been stated that it will be built on a special and seperate accessory which will be purchased seperately by Mac Otakara.


This area is responsible for computing and processing all information on the mobile device.Iphone looks forward to incorporating a dual procesor on the iphone 8 to carry out multiple processing function.M11 and A11 processors are rumoured used.This upgrades will be both faster and efficient in addition to being smaller in size.


Apple security networks is becomming relentlessly unbreakable.Apple KGI security analyst Mr.Kuo who has in time past made accurate projection of apples plans said that the iphone 8 may include a higher security protocol which incorporates facial recognition or iris scanning before the device becomes accessible by the user.

This is to serve a better security platform for user details.Mr Kuo believes it would serve as a better platform for better scure transaction.The iris scanner is a technique that would allow user unlock their device with the eye.Rumour has it that the chips will be supplied by Taiwan based company “XINTEC”.


Iphone 8 has been rumoured to be built with storage space of 64GIG,128GIG and 256GIG.It is also expected to include a “NAND FLASH MEMORY”  from samsung but the information has not  been proven to be a grapevine yet.Apple included 256GIG in Iphone 7 and 7plus so there is no doubt that the next iphone will come with such feature.


An enhanced version of taptic engine is one of the substantial features that may be incorporated in the latest Iphone device.This was actually reported from a Japanese site “Nikkie”.Though such technology would be of uttmost significance if the home button were to be eliminated.


Information reaching us from apple analyst states that apple will be needing a 3d touch technology with 3d touch module containing more quantities of graphite sheet lamination for thermal reduction.


It remain undebatable that iphones produces quality battery which serves its users efficiently.Rumours has it that the Iphone 8 will be accompanied by bigger battery for better battery capacity.Bigger battery can also improve the OLED display function of the device.Apple has been rumourd to be planning the use of stacked logic board which will assist a longer and more efficient life span.With improve logic board.


The most important feature for those of the multimedia world.Security analyst said that he believes the dual lens camera of 5.5 inch of iphone 7 plus will be incorporated into the Iphone 8 models.He predicts that the 4.7 inch version of iphone 8 with a single camera and 5.5 inch version with a dual lens camera.He beleives that optical image stabilization will be incorporated into both design.Apple may plan to adopt a new vertical dual camera arrangement instead of the usual horizontal camera.It is not actually crystalline why apple intends making the switch.Apple suppliers are already warming up to make  this exclusive components for Iphone 8.

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