Apple will for ever remain unique in their production of phones.Apple 6s and 6plus that were produced by Apple Incorporated.These phones were designed and marketed by
Apple.The apple 6s has similar design to iphone the difference is just that it has an updated software design.The iphone 6s and 6splus has successfully served as a successor to iphone 6 and 6plus. There have been couple of innovations to the iphone 6s such as an upgraded hardware,upgraded chassis superior to iphone 6,finger print sensor, 3D touch whose function i to enable pressure sensitive input together with an LTE advance support.


The iphone 6s was actually introduced with a design software of ios 9.0.The iphone retina flash allows the display brightness to be used as makeshift flash on images.It also contains a dimensional touch sensitivity accessing context menu with links to commonly used menu.


Iphone 6s is virtually identical to the iphone 6 in hardware design.Changes were actually made to improve the chasis design of 6s. Along side with the gray,silver and gold colour iphone 6s a new rose gold colour option was now made available. Iphone 6s is powered by A9 system on chip which is 75% faster than A8 processors and with 90% graphic performance.The Iphone 6s consist of a RAM with 2gig ram which enables better multitasking rate.

The touch ID was also updated having improved fingerprint version than the previous iphone.Both iphone virtually possesses the same batttery life capacity.
The A9 processor was a dual source of samsung and TSMC.Although is was said that the Samsung version had very bad battery performance than the TSMC version.Iphone 6s has a degree of water resistance due to the silicon seal used around the edges of the logic board.

At about November,2016 apple announced a minimal number of iphone 6s as a result of the design fault of unexpected shutdown and faulty batteries.Although this appertains to device created between September to December 2015.A battery replacement was considered for those affected in the process.

DRM FACTOR                                        TOUCH SCREEN

WEIGHT                                                  143G

BATTERY CAPACITY                            1715 MAH

REMOVABLE BATTERY                       NO

COLOURS                                                GREY,GOLD,SPACE GREY AND ROSE GREY

SCREEN SIZE                                          4.7 INCHES

TOUCH SCREEN                                     YES

RESOLUTION                                          750x1334 PIXELS

PIXELS PER INCH (PPI)                         326

PROCESSOR MAKE                                A9

RAM                                                          2GIG

INTERNAL STORAGE                            16GIG

EXPANDABLE STORAGE                      NO

REAR CAMERA                                       12MEGA PIXEL

FLASH                                                       YES

FRONT CAMERA                                     5 MEGA PIXEL

OPERATING SYSYEM                            IOS 9

WIFI                                                           YES

GPS                                                            YES

WIFI  CONFIGURATION                         802.11 a/b/g/n/ac

BLUETOOTH                                            YES,4.20

NFC                                                            YES

INFRARED                                                NO

USB OTG                                                   NO

HEADPHONES                                         3.5MM

FM                                                              NO

SIM TYPE                                                  NANO SIM

GSM/CDMA                                              GSM

3G                                                               YES

4G/LTE                                                       YES


PROXIMITY SENSOR                             YES

ACCELERATION                                      YES

AMBIENT LIGHT SENSOR                    YES

GYROSCOPE                                            YES

BAROMETER                                           YES

TEMPERATURE SENSOR                       NO

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