Despite the fact that AMD has a high dedicated video memory for graphic development and gaming,it sure does posses her own pitfalls.AMD which represents American Multinational Semiconductor company are noted to developing products for business and consumer market.

Issues that appertains to AMD laptops are overheating and display problems. Intel have moderately dedicated memory except for the core i5 and the core i7 processors.AMD's main product includes micro-processors,motherboard chipsets and embedded processors and high graphic chips.


This is a kind of processor that that is small in nature, which contains an integrated circuit embedded in it the micro-processor is a programmable electronic device which accept binary input and processes according to the stored instruction in the memory.


The graphic processing unit is also referred to as visual processing unit.This is responsible for gaming and graphic design.It has a wide variety of application.It is actually found in computers,mobile phones and gaming devices.This was actually presented by single chip processor with integrated transform.

At about September AMD moved from its temporary location in Santaclara to Sunny vale.This was done to secure a base for customer purchase.


AMD has taken a significant active part  in developing a coreboot, this is an open source project that serves as a replacement of the bios software.They also developed a codexl tool suite which includes a usb debugger, cpu profiler,and an open cl static kernel analyser.AMD also created a core maths library and a code analyst performance profiler.


Is a brand of chipset that refers to American Multinational Co-operation and Technological Company with her headquarters in California. Intel chip set happens to be the trendsetter in the world of computer technology.It was founded by George E More in Mountain view of California. Intel created a distinction as being able to make semiconductors.They created the first commercial micro-processors and also the first MOSFET transistors.


Intel microprocessor and those processors designed to succeed them were never major contributors to the revenue earns of Intel community.To aid faster marketability of the chips, Intel embarked on major campaign targing the chip as "operation crush".After a couple of years at about 1982 Intel created 80286 micro processor which was successful and was used by IBM in their laptop production.


For a couple of years INTEL and AMD have been major rivals in the world of technology.At a point in time,AMD filed a  lawsuit against the major micro-processor producer INTEL. Claiming that Intel engaged in an inequitable market competition.Intel has expended over 116 million dollars on this law suit filed against them.Actually this was never the first time Intel have been accused of abusing their power as a major leader in the micro processor production market.
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