Just when andriod 6.0 was created, andriod 7.0 lurks at the corner.It has been announced that andriod 6.0 will commence from nexus devices followed by other devices.Some couple of innovations such as large volume of notification is ineluctable.

Less visible changes are noticed on the upcomming andriod 7.0 operating system with new multitasking shortcut been incorporated.

Google remains innovative in each opearting system created .For couple of years back google has shown how design language on mobile devices encourage huge sales.
Andriod itself keeps up with this trends, thsi was evident in mashmallow(andriod 6.0). Andriod 7.0 makes no significant change to how your device looks,it only has new and special features incorporated by google.

The operating system has great significance on the run-time compiler.This means you don’t need to wait a long while for all your apps to optimise before accessing your device when it restarts
It has better multitasking rate:This implies you can do two or three things contemporaneously
Similar feature exist with samsung and LG anytime one is carrying out any job that has to do with multi-tasking,the screen splits into two equal halfs and its navigation is so swift.

Devices with larger screen can perform this task aswell in an enjoyable manner.It grants the user room to adjust the screen side easily.


Andriod 7.0 also contains this special feature for battery optimisation when it is not in use.This was first introduced in marshmallow but has gotten a significant update in Andriod 7.0.It worked while the phone was still and unplugged,but now works when the phone is in a pocket or a purse.


Once your mobile phone screen goes off,it stops performing activities on the device background.It uses “windows” as reffered by google to check for new messages and aswell sends update of your location automatically.


This is another invention by google on andriod 7.0 that prevents unecessary task running.This allow things that are imperative to  run on your device thereby optimising battery performance


When you start up your mobile device with andriod 7.0 some apps will be prevented from starting up especially the ones that requires pin code.But when the pin is being inserted by the rightful owner, only then can the device be used openly.

Apps like alarm where security is not a watch word will still work,but other apps houses  your security details will not work.This feature safe guards for details.

App shortcuts have been re-introduced after been scrapped previously on andriod 7.0.You tapp and press down an app and you see a list of functions.Makes accessibility easier.Apps can possess up to five shortcuts according to google andriod developers.

Another innovation has google introduced into the operating system(restart setting).This implies that when you hold power button on your device,instead of powering off completely you will see an option of “power cycling”.

Other  special features such as accessing the camera by double tapping the power button.And also double twisting your hand to access selfie mode. 
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